Get Proactive for a Weed Free Lawn

You've likely heard the old maxim “prevention is the best medicine!” Most people think it's all about your health; but it applies just as well to lawns and grass!

No-one likes to see weeds in their lawn. Weeds will always grow when you provide them an opportunity to do so. Weeds including crab grass will grow where grass is weak, thin or damaged. Weeds are very strong, stubborn and well evolved to flourish even in very poor soil conditions unlike grass. Every year people are frustrated with the seemingly never ending cycle of pouring herbicides some of which are very toxic on to these unwelcome plants. Many of these weed control products will just kill the leaves and not get down to the root so they will always grow back. The better weed control products will kill the roots and therefore the weed but that will simply leave room for new weeds to grow in their place.

lawn food In this case the best defense is a strong offense. Be proactive versus reactive. Instead of constantly chasing the weeds year after year, focus on strong grass and making the environment conducive to growing strong grass to crowd out the weeds!

Purely Organic Products Turf Restore is a proprietary blend of perennial rye grass seed and compost derived from leaf litter that is baked and guaranteed to be 100% weed free.

Turf Restore is an ideal product for growing new grass, patching damaged areas or over seeding. The result of thick, strong grass will prevent weeds from invading and taking over. Healthy soil promotes healthy turf. Healthy turf should mean fewer products needed to maintain a beautiful lush, green lawn.