The Old Farmer's Almanac Tree & Shrub Fertilizer Spikes

The Old Farmer’s Almanac Tree & Shrub Fertilizer Spikes are naturally formulated with the essential nutrients your trees and shrubs need to grow and thrive. Our patented TruSpikes™ are easy to hammer into the soil without a cap. They will not break, chip or leave dusty residue.

  • Patented TruSpike Will Not Break, Crush or Shatter
  • Fast Acting, Long Lasting, Robust Nutrition
  • Feeds Trees & Shrubs All Season Long
  • Each Spike Packed with 5 Inches of Fertilizer
  • Easy to Hammer In, No Cap Required
  • American Science, Made in the USA
  • $11.99
  • $15.00

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The Old Farmer's Almanac Fertilizer Plant Food Spikes provide essential nutrients trees and shrubs need to grow and thrive. Our Fertilizer Spikes are made with natural ingredients and they won’t break, crush, or smash!

Fast Acting, Long Lasting, Robust Nutrition: Each 5 Inch TruSpike Fertilizer Spike is packed with nutrition designed for feed your trees, evergreens and shrubs continuously for up to 3 months. 

Nutrient Rich 13-3-3 Formula with 13% Nitrogen for vigorous plant growth and color; 3% Phosphorus for healthy fruiting and blooms; and 3% Potassium for strong roots.

It's a TruSpike... Hammer It In! This is not your old, ordinary, crumbly, dusty, oval shaped fertilizer "spike". This is a patented, powerhouse TruSpike. There's no need for a plastic cap or special equipment with TruSpike, just hammer it in and let it get to work fertilizing your plants. It will NOT break, crush or smash... guaranteed!

No Waste or Runoff: The Old Farmer's Almanac Fertilizer Spikes release nutrition directly into the root zone where plants need it most to help promote stronger trees and shrubs without waste or runoff.

Simple to use. For best results, feed 2 times a year -- early spring, and late fall -- for continuous fertilization. Depending on climate and plant variety, an additional application in the summer can provide extra nutrition and help protect from summer stress.

For best results, apply in early spring and late fall.

Water well before application.

Using a hammer, drive each spike into the soil until the top is at least 2 inches below the surface. Evenly space spikes in a circle along the dripline.

Never insert closer than 30 inches from the trunk.

For shrubs 1 spike per 3 feet of plant height is recommended.

For trees measure the trunk diameter 1 foot above the ground; and use 1 spike per inch of diameter with a minimum of 2 spikes.

Important Note: The instructions above are for use as a guide only. For complete instructions for use and safety precautions review the back of your product package and the manufacturer's Material Safety Data Sheet.

What Is The Dripline? The drip line lies along the outermost circumference of a tree's branches. Spikes should be evenly spaced in a circle along the drip line. For small trees and shrubs, with a drip line closer than 30 inches, insert spikes 30 inches away from the center, at least 3 feet apart.

The Old Farmer's Almanac Tree & Shrub Fertilizer Plant Food Spikes

UPC Code 850008688157
Weight 1.5 Pounds
Form TruSpike Fertilizer Spike
NPK 13-3-3 (13% Nitrogen, 3% Phosphorus 3% Potassium)
Derived From Corn Gluten Meal, Urea, Muriate of Potash, Ammonium Phosphate.
Country of Origin This Product is Proudly Made in the USA
Product Label

OFA Tree & Shrub Fertilizer Spikes 13-3-3 Label PDF

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Reviews from Amazon

Easy to pound into the ground

We have hard rocky soil, but these spikes still went into the ground easily without breaking. I’m kind of amazed, because I thought for sure they might break. A few tips:- Make sure you wait until after a heavy rainfall so the ground is as soft as it can be!- Use a mallet, or a hammer with a large diameter head and a long enough handle!!

Works wonder for newly planted trees.

Newly planted tree. Very easy to use.

Best spikes I have ysed

Fantastic fertilizer spikes. Your trees will love them.

ThisJUST came out this spring,tree mstly deadused this NEW product,tree THRIVING

I hammered this in, the spike didn’t break using a real hammer! This product just came in the market this spring, PERFECT! I tried to hammer in the miracle grow spikes, they shattered! I tried miracle grow and jobes and my tree was still up on the cutting block as it was puny and everyone who came over asked why we had a dead tree in our yard! This fabulous product from Old Farmers Almanac came out this spring, I bought it thinking, well it can’t hurt, the tree is near dead anyway…my husband and I went around and hammered in a few of these old farmers almanac tree spikes and the trees w/ the spikes grew leaps and bounds over the trees w/ the other mentioned brands. Thank you Old Farmers Almanac for saving and doing an astronomical job on our trees!!! I busted some up (wasn’t easy) and put in my garden, my peppers, tomatoes, melons have never been so huge or tasty!! My friends peach trees are over and above astronomical! Awesome new product! I’m glad I waited until these came out over the spring before I cut down my tree. Thank you again!!!


Trees perked up


I bought this product knowing that I have used in the past. I waited weeks to see any difference came to nothing. I used the product as instructed by the manufacturer

Amazing Results

My mimosa tree has so many flowers on it. This is the best it has ever looked and my husband says it is because of the spikes. Definitely going to buy it again!

They will break. 2 of 6 broke on me

They said they will not shatter or break. Well, they do shatter and break. 2 of the 6 broke on me when it was putting them in the ground. So I had to dig a hole to put the parts in. If they did not break it might be a great it would be a great item. I will have to see if they are worth it before I really give my opinion on it for sure if they are good or not.

Care for trees

Easy to use for my trees