8-8-8 Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food (Case of 8 Bags)

8-8-8 Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food, from Purely Organic Products, is a granular fertilizer formulated for growing tomatoes, vegetables, fruit, herbs, trees and shrubs. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Each 2.25 Lb. bag covers up to 250 Square Feet.
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8-8-8 Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food

UPC Code 10856143003050
Weight 18 Pounds (8 x 2.25 Pounds)
Form Granular
Typical Coverage Up to 2000 Square Feet (8 x Up to 250 Square Feet)
NPK 8-8-8 (8% Nitrogen, 8% Phosphate, 8% Potassium)
Derived From Soybean meal, feather meal, dicalcium phosphate, blood meal, corn gluten meal, and potassium chloride.
Country of Origin This Product is Proudly Made in the USA
Packaging Resealable Pouch