Purely Organic Heirloom Eggplant Seeds (Long Purple) - Approx 220 Seeds

These finest quality, non-GMO, organic Long Purple Eggplant seeds produce glossy, dark purple, club shaped eggplants with firm, white flesh that has a mildly savory flavor great for grilling, cooking or frying. Each 1 Gram packet contains approximately 220 premium, non-GMO, heirloom, organic eggplant seeds.

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Sow 2 seeds per group indoors in lightly moist, sterile potting mix, 8-9 weeks before the last frost date. Keep the temperature above 70° F. Once first true leaves appear, thin to 1 plant per group. After the last frost, place seedlings outdoors for a few hours at a time, progressing to a full day, to harden them. Transplant to a moist well drained, sunny location in late spring after the soil has warmed. After transplanting, water daily to keep the soil moist; and feed twice during the season. Harvest by snipping off the vine.

For Best Results: Support plants with a post, pole, trellis or other support (just an inch or two from the plant) to provide support for heavy eggplants.

Purely Organic Heirloom Eggplant Seeds (Long Purple)

UPC Code 856143003619
Weight 1 Gram
Country of Origin United States
Packaging Packet
Seed Type Organic, Non-GMO, Heirloom
Growth Medium Soil
Life Cycle Annual
Hardiness Zone USDA 5-12
Seed Count Approximately 220 Seeds
When to Plant Spring (Indoors)
Packed for Year 2021
Scientific (Latin) Name Solanum Melongena
Planting Depth 1-2 Inches
Plant Spacing 12-24 Inches
Row Spacing 24-36 Inches
Time to Germination 7-14 Days
Time to Maturity / Harvest 80 Days
Fruit / Vegetable Size 8-10 Inches Long & 2 Inches Wide