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Purely Organic Products Tree & Shrub Fertilizer Spikes (1.5 Lb - 6 Spikes)

Box • Case

Purely Organic Products Fertilizer Spikes are packed with long lasting, plant based nutrition for strong, lush, healthy trees and shrubs. Our patented TruSpikes™ are easy to hammer into the soil without a cap. They will not break, chip or leave dusty residue.

  • Plant Based Formula 􏰆
  • Approved for Organic
  • Use Feeds Up to 3 Months 􏰅
  • No Runoff 􏰄
  • No Breakage or Dust
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  • $15.00
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Purely Organic Products believes 􏰁garden products should be good for plants and easy for gardeners too. Our Fertilizer Spikes are made with molasses and soy. They’re rich in the nutrients needed for healthy 􏰀 trees and shrubs; they’re approved for organic use; and they won’t break, crush, or smash!

For best results, apply in early spring and late fall.

Water well before application.

Using a hammer, drive each spike into the soil until the top is at least 2 inches below the surface. Evenly space spikes in a circle along the dripline.

Never insert closer than 30 inches from the trunk.

For shrubs 1 spike per 3 feet of plant height is recommended.

For trees measure the trunk diameter 1 foot above the ground; and use 1 spike per inch of diameter with a minimum of 2 spikes.