SimplyGro Organic Black Oil Sunflower Microgreen Seeds

Organic Black Oil Sunflower seeds product crunchy Microgreens with crisp, bright green stems & leaves. They add a deliciously nutty taste to soups, sandwiches & snacks. Yum! Each 18 Gram packet contains approximately 100 premium, non-GMO, organic microgreen seeds.
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Initial Soak 4 Hours: Soak seeds in cold water for 4 hours.

Plant Directly in Soil: Sunflower seeds are difficult to grow hydroponically so plant directly in soil or coco coir. Spread a thick layer of seeds evenly on top of soil and tamp down gently to ensure contact.

Grow: Mist only as needed to keep soil moist but not damp. Cover seeds until germination. After germination place under a grow light or in front of a bright window so shoots can green up.

Harvest & Enjoy in 7-10 Days: Both the stems and leaves of Sunflower Microgreens are delicious and nutritious. Harvest when about 4 inches tall by cutting off at the soil level with a pair of sharp, clean scissors.

SimplyGro Organic Black Oil Sunflower Microgreen Seeds

UPC Code 850008688362
Weight 18 Grams
Country of Origin Italy
Packaging Packet
Seed Type Organic, Non-GMO, Microgreen
Growth Medium Soil, Coco Coir
Seed Count Approximately 100 Seeds
Packed for Year 2021
Microgreen Color Green
Presoak 4 Hours
Time to Maturity / Harvest 7-10 Days
Plant Height 4 Inches