The Old Farmer's Almanac Cabbage Seeds (Heirloom Golden Acre)

With a firm, medium green head and blue-green leaves, Golden Acre Cabbage has a delicate flavor excellent for cooking or eating raw. It’s also a great ornamental plant for cold weather gardens. Each 4 Gram packet contains approximately 950 premium, non-GMO, heirloom seeds.
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Start indoors 5-7 weeks before the last frost. Before transplanting outdoors, harden for one week, by putting outside during the day. Plant in a sunny location where cabbage was not grown the previous year. Enrich the soil with vegetable food; and firm over seed after planting. Keep soil moist and weed free. Feed every 4-6 weeks; and protect from insects. Harvest cabbage when the head is firm by cutting just below the lowest leaves. Heads will be between 5-7 inches in diameter.

Rotate the location where you plant cabbage each year, and remove the roots after harvesting, to help avoid soil borne diseases.

A late summer planting, in areas with mild winters, can provide a beautiful garden edge, or a tasty winter crop.

Wit & Wisdom: Plant near beans and cucumbers, not near broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, or tomatoes. For a complete list of cabbage's friends and foes, read The Old Farmer's Almanac Cabbage Growing Guide!

The Old Farmer's Almanac Cabbage Seeds (Golden Acre)

Weight 4 Grams
Country of Origin United States
Packaging Packet
Seed Type Non-GMO, Premium, Heirloom
Growth Medium Soil
Life Cycle Annual
Hardiness Zone USDA 3-12
Seed Count Approximately 950 Seeds
When to Plant Spring and Early Fall
Packed for Year 2021
Scientific (Latin) Name Brassica Olercea Var. Capitata
Planting Depth 1/4 Inch
Plant Spacing 12-24 Inches
Row Spacing 24-36 Inches
Time to Germination 7-10 Days
Time to Maturity / Harvest 60-70 Days
Fruit / Vegetable Size 5-7 Inches