The Old Farmer's Almanac Organic Cilantro Seeds (Slow Bolt)

(SHIPS MARCH 1ST 2021) Fresh, strong and spicy cilantro is a classic herb, essential to Mexican, Caribbean and Asian cuisines. Slow Bolt Cilantro produces pungent, broad, deep green leaves and stems. Each 3 Gram packet contains approximately 210 premium, non-GMO, organic, heirloom seeds.
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Plant cilantro in the spring after the last frost date; or in the fall. In the southwestern states, a fall planting may last through spring until the weather heats up again. Sow seeds in light, well-drained soil and space 1-2 inches apart. When transplanting space rows about 4-6 inches apart. This plant grows best in full sun, yet overheating causes the plant to bolt. Water young plants consistently for best growth. Avoid overwatering established plants. Harvest from 4-5 weeks after planting.

Cilantro & Coriander are Derived from the Same Plant. Cilantro is the stems and leaves, coriander is the seeds. Harvest cilantro frequently for controlled, continuous growth.

For a continued harvest through out the growing season, sow new seeds at 3-week intervals.

Wit & Wisdom: Coriander is thought to symbolize hidden worth. Read The Old Farmer's Almanac Cilantro & Coriander Growing Guide!

The Old Farmer's Almanac Organic Cilantro Seeds (Slow Bolt)

Weight 3 Grams
Country of Origin United States
Packaging Packet
Seed Type Organic, Non-GMO, Heirloom
Growth Medium Soil
Life Cycle Annual
Hardiness Zone USDA 3-11
Seed Count Approximately 210 Seeds
When to Plant Spring (Indoors)
Packed for Year 2021
Scientific (Latin) Name Coriandrum Sativum
Planting Depth 1/4 to 1/2 Inch
Plant Spacing 4-6 Inches
Row Spacing 4-6 Inches
Time to Germination 14-21 Days
Time to Maturity / Harvest 30-45 Days