Purely Organic Heirloom Onion Seeds (Walla Walla) - Approx 250 Seeds

These finest quality, non-GMO, organic Walla Walla Onion seeds produce 4-5 inch onions famous for their succulent, sweet flavor. Walla Walla Onions taste superb in all applications; and store well. Each 1 Gram packet contains approximately 250 premium, non-GMO, heirloom, organic onion seeds.

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Sow outdoors as soon as the soil can be worked, about 4-6 weeks before your last frost date. Soil temperatures should be at least 45° F. Water regularly during growth; but stop when tops begin to fall. When onion tops turn yellow, or brown, and fall they are ready to harvest. Lift onions gently in the morning with a garden fork. Leave to dry in the garden sun, lightly covered with stalks or straw, for 3-4 days. Hang indoors for another 2 weeks and then cut off roots and greens, 1' above the bulb. Store in a cool, dry place.

Get a Head Start on the Season: Onion seed may be started indoors, in small flats, 10-12 weeks prior to your last frost date. Transplant outdoors 4-6 weeks before your last frost date. 

Purely Organic Heirloom Onion Seeds (Walla Walla)

UPC Code 856143003572
Weight 1 Gram
Country of Origin United States
Packaging Packet
Seed Type Organic, Non-GMO, Heirloom
Growth Medium Soil
Life Cycle Biennial Grown as Annual
Hardiness Zone No Data
Seed Count Approximately 250 Seeds
When to Plant Spring
Packed for Year 2021
Scientific (Latin) Name Allium Cepa
Planting Depth 1/4 Inch
Plant Spacing 4-6 Inches
Row Spacing 12-24 Inches
Time to Germination 7-14 Days
Time to Maturity / Harvest 110-120 Days
Growth Habit Bulb with 8-12 Inch Tops